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We Are All Artists

2 Beautiful Horses

We Are All Artists

2 Beautiful HorsesI often get emails from people interested in my workshops and private sessions, that say in one way or another, “I am not an artist, but I would like to attend one of your workshops or have a personal coaching session. Since I can’t paint or draw, can I just sit with the horses?”

These types of questions are examples of the stories that we tell ourselves daily. Many of these stories have been living in our heads for years, and their central theme is always, “I am not.” Perhaps a parent or teacher told you that you were “not good at drawing, not good at sports, not good at math, not a good reader… not pretty enough, not thin enough, not smart enough…” There are a million messages that we are given as young children, that we “swallow whole” and turn into limiting beliefs that stick with us through adulthood. Many of these stories became self-fulfilling prophesies as we matured into young adults, exploring our career options or making other big life decisions. I wonder how many of us were told something – believed something – that was, in fact, not true, but that set us on a life path based on toxic beliefs that we are too much, or not enough of something. And I wonder how many of us realize, down the track, that these lives we are living that don’t fulfil us or nourish our soul, are based on a (well-meaning or otherwise) lie.

What if you could sit in a space of pure peace and love, and open your heart for a moment to that young child you used to be? As you sink into your heart space, can you remember back to what you loved? Can you see – even from when you were that young child, how worthy you have always been? How special, how capable of imagining, and creating, and being anything you desire? What an artist you are! What a masterpiece your life can be!

Here is the truth: we are all artists. As human beings, creativity is our birthright, and we all can be served by engaging in the creative process. Art is about expression more than it is about other people’s ideas of what is “correct,” or “pretty,” or “good.” And what one person turns from, another person loses themselves in. Who are we to say we are not artists? Maybe all it takes to remember the divine creative gift we have all received, is to recalibrate our thoughts and actions by reconnecting with the truth of ourselves, that lies deep in our hearts.

That, my friends, is the gift of this work with art and the horses. The horses see your truth and help you connect with it. When you express it, you take your first step back to the voice that has been with you since childhood. Your forgot about it; you let those stories of “I’m not” and “I can’t” drown it out. We are here to help you reunite with that voice. When you take the time to journey back to heart’s truest desire, you open yourself to a world that you may never have thought was possible.

This is why it is even more important for those of you who think you are not artists to join me with the horses. This is not about being a Michelangelo, this is about reconnecting with your inner truth; rediscovering long-lost feelings of worthiness and self-love and possibility. The horses take us to a beautiful place of deep relaxation and help us journey to the center of our heart. That is the voice we are tapping into; that will guide what falls onto the paper or canvas…. and that is just the beginning of an entirely unique masterpiece: your future.

Here’s to finding your muse!

In joy and love and peace ~ Vivian, Skye Mama and Luca


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