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April 13, 2017
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We All Have The Power Of Vision

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We All Have The Power Of Vision

I think that some people tap into it early in life and others learn to access it later in life. The most important thing to remember is that we all have the capacity to cultivate our vision and make it a reality. It is never, ever too late; you are never too old, and you are worthy of your dreams.

When I sat down with a life coach in the spring of 2013, I was a burned-out nurse who was tired and overwhelmed by life. My coach asked me to envision greeting myself at age 55, in my future home. As I drew in all the sensations of experiencing my future self, a spark ignited in me; the floodgates opened and I remembered the power of art, and of magic, and of belief – I was exhilarated by the freedom and joy of uncensored, open thinking, like a child.

Looking back, I realize that the power of vision was always within me and just needed to be re-awakened. I have been flooded with childhood memories of passionate pleas: “can I have a puppy?” I remember drawing the puppy, thinking about the puppy, telling others about the puppy, and writing about my dreams of having a puppy. It wasn’t long before the puppy appeared. A few years ago, I found the original picture of this work and the power of it hit me full force. This power has been with me always, as it is within you also.

The story of my reawakening continued with a horse. At age 47, I told my wonderful husband, after taking riding lessons, that I wanted a horse. He was on board but he had no intention of simply giving me one: I would have to find my own way to achieve this dream. So once again I pulled back to that childhood gift: I painted; I drew; I spoke of my horse; I worked hard and got a second job to pay for a horse. There were many times I wanted to give up but, as I focused, and colored, and drew, and reached for inspiration, I was drawn deeper into the vision and its power grew in energy and strength – and in the fall of 2007, my dream became a reality in the form of my soul pony, Joan Fan E Boskaranne (Yanni).

The vision for Art Soul and Horses grew out of my journey with Yanni and the other horses in my life. My time with Yanni was very short, and very sad. He taught me so much about love, and loss, and forgiveness. I know now that Yanni was here for a specific reason, and I can see now, how each step carefully led me to the next.

I learned from Yanni that, even amidst our pain, the horses help us enter a state of peace and joy – and in this state we are free to flow in mind, body and spirit to the places inside us that we have long forgotten. There is always a next step; there is always a new story awaiting us. There is always light to be found. The key is listening to our innermost heart’s desires, even when it is broken into a million pieces, and being willing to believe that we can create joy out of the fragments.

Fast forward to my 55-year-old self. As I sit in my office, overlooking the home that I had opened the door to back in 2013, I can see how my vision has manifested itself. It hasn’t been easy – there have been struggles every step of the way – but my vision, the horses, and the support of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Community led by Melisa Pearce, kept me focused on creating this amazing new reality.

Sadly, this world we live does not encourage the power of dreaming, and if we grew up believing we weren’t good enough, it can damage this magical piece inside of us. But I firmly believe that a great capacity lives in each and every one of us. When we have a clear vision of where we want to be, and how we want to feel, our intention activates pure magic – and I know with every cell of my being that the incredible power of vision is available to you.

Have you stopped dreaming? I believe the divine power of the horses can lead you into a state of peace and joy, where you can tap into your innate creativity – and it is my life’s work, my passion, and my gift to help with the excavation of your vision.

What magic will you envision? We are with you all the way~

Vivian Thwaits, Luca and Skye Mama
Art Soul and Horses

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