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November 29, 2021
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December 17, 2021
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Creating a New Holiday Narrative

For many, slowing down and spending quiet time alone during the holiday season is rare, but this seemed like an important moment to remind you of this …

Well in advance of the holiday season, we find ourselves inundated by Christmas commercialism: social media advertising, flyers, and catalogs in the mail. The “Buy Now” message often gets equated to the “most wonderful time of the year.” Then the topic of family comes up, and for some, they have difficult family situations, creating a sense of isolation, despite the media’s artificial image of what the holidays look like, including a family joyously celebrating a holiday dinner over a staged Pottery Barn table. In reality, most people at the gathering want to slug each other (ouch!). Few of us experience Norman Rockwell-type scenarios. For those of you that have them, embrace your family with all your heart. You are blessed. My message today is for anyone who feels pressure from all the expectations. Allow yourself to make a new (more grounded) tradition for yourself during this time of the year.

I am here to help change your holiday narrative. This gift (from the horses and me) will allow you to hopefully fly fearlessly and explore much-needed time for yourself. Move into your heart energy and try to cultivate more meaning into the joy of holidays. Create a magical space for you to thrive at this time of year.

I grew up in a Catholic household, and although I do not practice, I still remember some of the beautiful images at this time of the year: the nativity scene with the Baby Jesus surrounded by all barn animals, the sacredness of animals, and the Wise Men guided by the beautiful the star of Bethlehem. I think there is some meaningful, spiritual symbolism embedded in Christmas images, like that star or the mysterious night sky with that guiding light. Mystical and magical images may help remind you of how special you are, despite tensions or misgivings with certain family members at your holiday table.

Ancient esoteric philosophy teaches us that divine spirits inhabit stars, and that an intimate relationship exists between these spirits and human souls. I love that thought. Our hope is that you will take time this day forward to create a special space where you are free of distractions. Find a focus: A candle? Maybe a star in the night sky? Or perhaps a piece of art or photography …

Feel the energy emanating from an illuminated star in the night sky. What if that star was a soul with whom you wanted to connect? Who it would be and what you want to ask it? What would you like to share with it? How would that feel? Embrace your emotions and express yourself, or just sit in the beautiful silence of your heart and your beautiful spirit.

I hope you will connect with the simple magic of the season and create rituals that will guide you into the new year.

All our Love Vivian, Luca and Skye Mama

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