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December 17, 2021
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Finding your Flow (Part I)

“We rise together. This time I will hold your hand and we will rebuild with self-love. We will plant the seeds and tend to them lovingly. This is just the beginning, and this is exactly how you will re-write your story.” Yanni

I distinctly remember the moment where I felt my connection to flow. I was 47 years old, sitting in a lawn chair in my horse Yanni’s stall on a warm Southern California morning. I know there were many eye rolls from the other boarders, but for some reason, it did not phase me. This was my regular ritual and I embraced it fully. I read books, and sometimes I brought my journal and let myself drift away.

One morning, as I was fully immersed in my writing of Morning Pages (Julia Cameron), out of the corner of my right eye, I noticed Yanni moving towards me. For a moment, I went into a state of fear and thought, “He is not eating. He must be sick.” Then, the energy or relaxation kicked in, and I allowed myself to “relax and allow.”~ Flow

I felt fully relaxed from head to toe—and then it happened. His body lowered toward the ground, and he gently laid his 1500 lb. body down right against the back of my beach chair. I felt him fully, the slight pressure against my back and his warmth. I remember the tears streaming down my face: the joy, the feeling of comfort and security. “Breathe, Vivian,” I reminded myself. I found myself transported back to my youth: a six-year-old child creating, dancing, singing, and playing. Do what you love and what fulfills you and be your authentic self. Yanni was a gift; he allowed me to move from my head to my heart and reconnect with that six-year-old girl who dreamed big and created magic with rudimentary pens, paper, and glue. He held that space with me for a while and allowed me to understand the gift of flow that he so graciously delivered that morning.

In the years that followed, I became a student of the horse—not in the “riding” sense, but in the “energetic” sense. On the day he died tragically, my Reiki Master sent me a message from him: “He says there’s something about your life that is about to change, and he can do more good for you in the non-physical form.” From that day forward, I spent every moment learning and spending time with horses, and eventually began my training in the Equine Gestalt Method. It was the perfect combination of healing work because it fully honored and respected the horses as co-facilitators in healing.

I found my vibe and a tribe of practitioners who resonated with my soul. As I continued with my own healing, I found my world opening up even more. I was brought back again to that time and space with Yanni and the energy of flow.

When we learn to feel the energy of Flow…we can begin to allow the magic of who we are to emerge. That is my wish for each and every client we work with~ finding your flow!

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