We are glad you found Art Soul and Horses. This page is dedicated to our one-one-one coaching sessions. To acquaint you with our unique Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® and Art, we’ve itemized some questions and answers so you can evaluate if our coaching sessions are right for you. Once you read through the information, you can easily book a 90-minute session using our calendaring system below.

What happens during one-on-one coaching sessions?

During a session, the horses and Vivian help the client explore the stories that are no longer serving them and release whatever is holding you back from living your dreams. Horses so beautifully open the energy field of being present with our mind, body, and soul. Vivian has has our clients standing in silence and the horses’ innate ability to bring us into the field of the present moment. In a place we are free, worries of the past and the future dissipate.

For whom is one-on-one coaching designed?

In short, anyone! Through our session, we try to get clarity and answer the following questions: What in my life is no longer serving me? What do I need to release whether I am ready to or not?

At Art Soul and Horses, we help you return to the still calm voice of self-love and reclaim your power to manifest and let your beautiful soul show you the way. When we release the stories that no longer serve,  us we can turn to wonder and open up a new world of possibilities. 

What is The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®?

At Art Soul and Horses, we have combined the The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® and art. The EGCM was developed by Melisa Pearce, a psychotherpist.

Horses are natural energy detectors are active partners in the coaching process. Horses so beautifully open the energy field of being present with our mind, body, and soul. They move us from our heads to our hearts. When we are able to identify our core beliefs and the stories that are no longer serving us we can begin to explore new stories that are spoken from our heart. Art is a language that gives the voice to how we feel inside. When we combine the EGCM with art, we create a whole new world of self-discovery that assist us in our transformation and sets the stage for creating your new vision.

What are the end-goals of one-on-one coaching sessions?

The horses see your truth and help you connect with it. When you express it, you take your first step back to the voice that has been with you since childhood. You forgot about it; you let those stories of “I’m not” and “I can’t” drown it out. We are here to help you reunite with that voice. When you take the time to journey back to heart’s truest desire, you open yourself to a world that you may never have thought was possible.

Reconnecting with your inner truth; rediscovering long-lost feelings of worthiness and self-love and possibility. The horses take us to a beautiful place of deep relaxation and help us journey to the center of our heart. That is the voice we are tapping into; that will guide what falls onto the paper or canvas…. and that is just the beginning of an entirely unique masterpiece: your future.

How is art integrated?

At the conclusion of each session, the client creates a small art piece that captures the experience with the horses. For clients who chose to participate in ongoing sessions, we create a vision journal to capture the evolution of their journey. 

Where are one-on-one coaching sessions held?

All sessions are held at the Art Soul and Horses Barn in Escondido, CA 92026.

How long are one-on-one coaching sessions? What is the cost?

Each session is 90 minutes; $175 pp/session.