Horses have the ability to drop us into our heart chakra and art is an invitation to connect with our deepest truths. Art Soul and Horses is a powerful blend of both. Through art workshops and 1:1 co-active-coaching in the presence of horses, you will tap into your brilliance and learn how to create a new vision for your life, from a place of self-love and compassion. When our new stories and visions are fueled by the power of self love… the words, colors, images, and feelings that are captured in client’s art pieces become perfect articulations of the soul’s purpose.

The Horses are essential in helping us enter that sacred space  of living in the moment..and it is from this very place you can listen to your heart’s song…that  narrative of self-love.  

Our services benefit both adolescents and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, substance abuse, or life changes that have deeply affected their ability to grow and thrive. 

Heal the stories that no longer serve you and find freedom in a sacred space that ignites your creative heart. Immersed in creativity and the healing energy of horses, you can step out of the chaos and into an angelic realm of deeper compassion and flow.

If you tell yourself:

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “I don’t deserve happiness”
  • “I’m too old”
  • “I’m too young”
  • “I’m going to fail”

You CAN experience a joyful breakthrough and manifest the life of your dreams!

Equine Gestalt Coaching provides a safe space to process, explore, and finally release these stories. The presence of horses during our coaching sessions help open your heart to new possibilities. Uncover what is holding you back, reconnect with what you love, and find the wings to fly into the next chapter of your life.

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“You have the most beautiful, kind soul. Your horses share your light, your energy and your heart. My time with you was magic. Thank you for helping me open my heart.”

Monica H, in Rescue, CA

“Vivian, your presence and awareness touched my heart. Your ability to listen and hold space to allow the healing to happen. There is just a deep sense of safety with you.”

Kirstin J in Prescott, AZ

“Vivian’s coaching is powerful, sensitive, kind and focused. Combined with her insight and intuition, she guides her clients to a healing, loving, sense of closure.”

Chris C. in Carbondale, CO

“Vivian’s kindness and compassion shines through in every aspect of her coaching. She holds space extremely well and is able to accommodate her client’s needs.”

Y. Ow in Singapore

Hi, I’m Vivian.


I’m an Equine Gestalt Coach, artist, and registered nurse. After nearly two decades in the nursing field, I founded Art Soul and Horses as a way to help other nurses reconnect with themselves through self-care, love, and compassion. Now, I help adolescents and adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, and creative blocks to manifest their dreams.

As a registered nurse, I understand how vital this work is to early interventions to children and youth with high risk for behavioral conditions. I believe this healing work offers a life-changing path for youth and their families.

Alongside my two horses, I am dedicated to helping others self-heal. I began sharing principles from the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method, taught by Melissa Pearce, and integrated the healing capacity of art. This unique method has helped my clients replenish their soul and expand their capacity for joy.

My work has been featured in SD Voyager, Shoutout to SoCal, and in interviews with Touched by a Horse.


Vivian Thwaits
Founder of Art Soul and Horses


What happens during a 1:1 coaching session?

In a quiet and safe setting, The horses and I help you tune into the barriers that stand in the way of your dreams. The presence of horses opens the energy field, inviting you to be present in your mind, body, and soul. By simply standing near us and responding to the energy, the horses bring you to a place of freedom from fear or worry.


What is the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method?

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method is an approach to personal development that leads you to transformation through the healing energy of horses. Developed by psychotherapist Melissa Pearce in 1989, the method invites horses to become an active part of the 1:1 coaching process by helping you detect the stories that no longer serve you and finally release them.

At Art Soul and Horses, we combine The Equine Gestalt Method with art therapy to find the language of your voice. By expressing through art in the presence of horses, we can set the stage for a whole new vision of your life.


What are the goals of a 1:1 Coaching session?

The goal of a 1:1 coaching session is to reconnect with your truth and reunite with your voice. We all have a truth and a voice in childhood, but for many of us, it got lost along the way. The voice got drowned out in stories of “I’m not” and “I can’t” or it  became buried beneath trauma and stress. Now it’s time to get it back.

1:1 sessions help you rediscover long-lasting feelings of worthiness, self-love, and possibility. The horses take you to a euphoric place of deep relaxation and guides the journey to the center of your heart. What you find there guides you on the canvas to create a new masterpiece. . . your future.


How is art integrated?

At the end of each coaching session, you will create a piece of art that reflects your journey. If we continue working together, we will start a vision journal to capture your evolution over a series of sessions.


Where are sessions held?

Located in San Diego, the horses and I are a short drive from Los Angeles and easily accessible to the Greater Orange County area. Take a break from the noise of the city and hear your soul calling you.


Will we ride the horses?

We do not ride the horses during sessions.The horses observe and participate, but riding is not part of the session.


Do I need to have experience with horses?

You do not need previous experience with horses. I will be with you the whole time to guide you through the session.


What if I can’t draw?

Expression through art doesn’t require formal training. We all have the inherent ability to create and the horses help you tap into it. Art expresses your inner voice and cannot be judged as “good” or “bad.”

What should I bring?

Wear comfortable clothes and close-toed shoes, preferably boots. A water bottle, a hat, and sunscreen are also recommended so you can stay comfortable and hydrated.