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May 30, 2017
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The Universe Will Support Your Soul’s Purpose

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The Universe Will Support Your Soul’s Purpose

I recently graduated from a 2 year certification program in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method founded by Melisa Pearce. It took me longer that most students, actually 3 years of diligently working on learning a new way of walking in this world, a new language, a new way of being and learning a new ways to love and honor myself. The program was my lifeline as I continued to work as a nurse.

This got me thinking about gratitude for all those along the road who supported me and my vision for my work from from the start. When I say the word “support” all kinds of support not just financial. From positive feedback, the willingness to come out to free art workshops, those that helped me when I had to travel and leave the horses. Most importantly, the one most important person that has supported me tirelessly on this journey is my husband John Thwaits aka JT. On the stage last week at graduation I spoke about this work and the importance of my mentor Melisa Pearce the psychotherapist that created this certification program, my coach Marsha and my classmates who are amazing at loving and supporting me. I was so overwhelmed with joy and emotion up on that stage that I forgot to mention my dearest soulmate wonderful husband who along the way had no real idea of what I was up to these past 3 years. I was ashamed of myself the very moment I sat back down. The one person who backed me totally on my vision while not knowing a thing about what I was up to. He just knew that I traveled to class, studied in the evening and had him building projects in the barn for my art events. Even though he would roll his eyes at times he continued to support me in every single way possible without asking too many questions. Except for our big fight over the electric fence in horse arena. I did not want it….he did and we fought. With that being said, our vision for this home and my workspace would not be possible without his support. He is always there for me and I cannot bear that I forgot to shout from the rooftops how thankful I am to have his support.

About 15 years ago JT asked me what I wanted for Christmas. At the time we were living in Washington State and I was really depressed by the gloom. I thought about it a moment and I shouted out ‘horseback riding lessons”. Oh yes horseback riding lessons. I had begged and pleaded for lessons as a kid and we just did not have the resources to support riding lessons. There I was my 43 year old self in a riding stable office with JT. The woman who signed me up looked at him and said “this is just the beginning”. And oh what a beginning it was…slopping out in knee deep mud to catch my lesson horse in washington state, being thrown off by the infamous Johnny Bravo, being offered a ride on my first friesian horse, getting a second job to support earn money to buy my own horse , and during some hard times in 2010 being able to lease him to a dear friend so I was able to continue to afford him. All necessary steps that I would never had been able to do without JT Thwaits.

JT Thwaits- Thank you for loving me more and seeing my heart.

On that note…remember when you connect with your soul’s purpose people will show up to help and support you along the way. Don’t give up or give in to the voice that tells you that following your dream is not worth it. Please follow your dream. Say Yes to the those who love and support you.

The sky really is the limit~ In joy and love Vivian, Luca and Skye Mama



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