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Meet Our Horses

Luca is a 4-year-old Friesian mare. She has been with me since conception, and overcame amazing circumstances to be in this world. As a result, she is also known as “Malin Wunderzeichen von Adelherz” (Little Miracle Warrior of the Brave and Noble Heart). Luca is curious and loving, and enjoys playing and interacting with people. She is always the first one at the stall door to join our workshops. Fittingly, she carries the spirit of Chiron - the healer - and has a deep, compassionate energy. 

Skye Mama
Skye Mama is a 6-year-old Friesian/Quarter Horse cross. She came to be a part of our family in 2015 after a rough start in life. She is a kind teacher, a loving mother and carries the beautiful essence of divine feminine energy. As her name suggests, Skye Mama is powerful, and connected to the earth and the stars. 

"The mystery of the divine feminine speaks to us from within her creation.She is not distant god in heaven, but a presence that is here with us, needing our response. She is the divine returning to claim her creation, the real wander of what it means to be alive.We have forgotten her, just as we have forgotten so much of what is sacred, and yet she is always part of us.But now she needs to be known again. not just as a myth, as a spiritual image, but as something that belongs to the blood and the breath. She can awaken us to an expectancy in the air, to an ancient memory coming alive in a new way. She can help us to give birth to the divine that is with us. to the oneness that is all around us. She can help us to remember our real nature."

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Yanni Speaks: A Journal Entry from May 2013

My Dear Vivian - You are on the right track. What you experienced yesterday was so perfect. It comes down to energy. We have beautiful conversations with our horses in silence. Luca's communication style is a beautiful example of her Divine Feminine energy.... she is self-assured and confident and with the slightest lift of her back end she moved the other horse back. How would that translate to human behavior? Maybe if the person delivering or accepting the message simply loves himself there would be nothing to say. Maybe the energy of the love of self would be enough. No emotional exchanges...a graceful loving silence. Luca has been sent here by the Universe that understands that what you need right now is to go within and love yourself first. You need nothing more that this message today to go forth. For loving yourself with bring your body peace and your mind a sense of calm energy. In this state you are invincible.. you are of the Divine give birth to the divine within you. It will speak loudly without any words. Hold a space in your heart for this work. We are here for you...we are of love and of grace and of pure joy. Be who you are...embrace the possibility of your place with JT....and the dogs and the horses. A place to play and believe and show that by activating the Divine Feminine you will find your true self. How wonderful it would be for people to show up...and feel a sense of peace. You have all the parts to do this. Keep writing this story because it is a love story and we need more love stories in this world. We need more of you in this world - and little Luca.

Love from beyond the veil...Yanni.