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Soul Tribe Resource List

Soul Tribe (Noun)
The people  and animals in your life that help you understand the path you are on. They serve to inspire, create, transform and light the way on your journey. They are steadfast and true and ever-present forces of nature. They help you become more brave, more fearless and teach you to learn to embrace your gifts. 

I stand in reverence for these beautiful souls. 

Pam Crane

Solana Beach California

Intuitive readings that meld Tarot and Numerology- She has been with me each step of the way on this path with horses. I highly recommend her for in person or phone consultations.

Nekiki Jewelry

Nicole creates beautifully inspired sacred pieces of art with healing stones, leather and other beautiful one of a kind elements. Each piece is unique and sacred. Visit Nicole on Instagram

Dana Del Castillo Foreman


Amazing equine artist and friend.

Run with the Wild Horse’s

Advocacy Work

Run with the Wild Horse’s mission is to protect, advocate and manifest freedom for America’s Wild Horses through the creation and sale of sustainable, ecologically friendly works of wearable art. We believe that by sending our collective light and energy into the world, that positive transformation will unfold for our most beloved, treasured Wild Horses and Burros. We hope that our work will help secure their peace and freedom for generations to come.

Rebecca Lindsay Kuritz

Rebecca Lindsay Kuritz Photography

Cindy Rackley

Integrative Therapies and Educational Center

Readings, Energy & Vibrational Medicine for People and Animals Consultations and classes