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How To Draw Better

For those of you who want to explore your creative side. I have many people who approach me for workshops that say “I want to participate but I am not an artist”. My response is that we are all artists in different capacities. Jenn Miller’s blog post is for those who may want to dabble with drawing. Most important….HAVE FUN. ~Art Soul and Horses

Key Points:

  • Practicing a skill opens neural pathways making it easier to perform the skill
  • Practice can help to physically strengthen pathways in your brain
  • Learn how to improve the accuracy and technique of your drawings
  • Fine tune your motor skills
  • Train your visual memory
  • Learn how to determine the most important parts of an object to include in your drawing
  • Learn to draw the shape of an object
  • Learn to draw the details of an object
  • Learn perspective skills when drawing
  • Practice negative space drawing to improve your observation skills
  • Draw more accurately by learning about proportions
  • Learn how to be more creative with divergent thinking
  • Positive thinking can help to improves skills

Read How To Draw Better by Jenn Miller


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