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Giving Yourself Permission to Rest: A Lesson from Hono

Is it just me or has the last 20 years blown by faster than the speed of sound? I sometimes start out my day with a list of tasks and plans to complete, and before I know it, wow, it’s 5:00 pm. Where did the time go? I was not sitting in front of a TV or mindlessly searching through Facebook, Internet shopping, or watching Tick Tok videos.

Being in the business of healing, you would think that I would be good about taking time to rest and reflect daily. Unfortunately, I, too, struggle with disconnecting and allowing myself time and space to rest. But what I do know is that rest is a vitally important step, especially when you are on a healing path. Rest is essential for good self-care—for both the mind and body. In our work here at Art Soul and Horses, there’s never a dull moment: the horses’ care, seeing clients, creating workshops, developing content, as well as caring for a family, and my work at an RN. But what I have learned is that rest is a beautiful act of self-love; it may lead to greater sense of wellness, both mind, body, and spirit. That is PRICELESS!

The first step is acknowledging that, when we feel overwhelmed, we allow ourselves to pause and rest. It’s important to regularly check in with our hearts throughout the day and focus on much-needed “me” time. This may include creating a sense of relaxation by closing our eyes and drifting off to a place (whether it’s real or fictional) as a source of solitude, reflection, and replenishment. When you come back, the tasks set before you will still be there; however, you may notice that you feel a little less resentful or annoyed, and more optimistic and refocused.

Be on the lookout for signs in nature; they are great reminders for resetting and relaxation. Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a Green Sea Turtle (Hono). I watched her emerge from the beautiful blue ocean and slowly make her way up the steep sandy shore to find a warm sunny place to rest. I felt her energy fully and it was such a wonderful reminder of the importance of rest and restoration. When I looked up the meaning of “hono,” I was not surprised to learn that the message of the sea turtle is energy of perseverance, retreat, tranquility, and transformation. She was a perfect reminder of the importance of rest as a key to overall wellness.

Last week, my husband and I had a trip planned for Maui. The truth is, the evening before our departure, I was ready to cancel the trip. I had not taken any rest the entire week before, and my body was in full “resentment mode.” I started experiencing extreme hip pain and back aches that were debilitating. The sudden onset of my pain surfaced like a mac truck. This was my body saying, “Stop!” and I almost let it cancel my trip. There was a voice inside of me that said, “Go to Maui. Enjoy the ocean, the breeze, and the salty fragrant air.

By day two of my trip, I could feel the healing as I began to release myself from the stress and anxiety I experienced just days prior. I was free of pain with no agenda and no one to care for or worry about. It was truly medicine for my soul. Of course, I can’t hop a flight to Maui or some other tropical destination every day, but I can connect with the feeling of Hono. My wish is that you will take time to connect with (and understand the power of) rest.

In peace, joy and relaxation, Vivian, Luca and Skye Mama

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