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April 6, 2017
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A Gift From Sky Mama

Black horse

A Gift From Sky Mama

Horse named Skye Mama

This morning while I was out caring for the horses, Skye Mama left her food to come and stand with me by the fence. Perched up high on the mounting block, I placed my hand on her neck and gently caressed her mane. In that moment, the world slipped away; it was just her and I enjoying the cool spring morning together. Breathing together, we took in the smell of the citrus trees and jasmine, and for those few moments there was absolute peace. She allowed me to continue to brush her mane and massage along her spine. Watching her blink slowly with contentment, I thought to myself, “how often do we allow ourselves to be taken care of?” I’m talking about the simple things: having someone brush our hair, massage our shoulders, or simply sitting in silence with the ones we love. These things don’t need to cost money – we only need to remember we are worthy of nurture. We can accept this from another or we can offer ourselves the gift of self-care. Creating inner space, a sanctuary that allows us to fully feel alive during our day, can be a divine way to start learning the gift of self-care.

This is the beginning of an awakening, this movement into a space of self-love and self-nurture. The first step in reclaiming this space for yourself is re-learning that you are the priority. Start by slowing down and surrendering to the flow. This is vital – life-giving – and it allows you to lift the veil and to see your inherent worth. By embracing this surrender and regularly practicing mindful presence, you will begin to embody the worthiness and wisdom you seek. Self-care is not a one-time, quick fix, so don’t give up – reconnecting with yourself as a daily practice will fuel your journey back to recognize the beautiful and divine soul you truly are.

Thank you, Skye Mama, for reminding me of the importance of stepping away and allowing ourselves to be cared for. Skye Mama is a testimony to the importance of loving ourselves and allowing others to give us comfort. Her start in this life was rough, and she has learned to take care of herself, which includes accepting the gift of care from others as well. By prioritizing her self-care; asking for, and allowing herself to receive what she needs, she is a strong reminder of the Divine Feminine in all of us.

What is your self-care practice? Do you regularly enjoy quiet time to replenish your soul? When was the last time you allowed someone else to care for you? Skye Mama and I invite you to find an opportunity to offer yourself some soul nourishment. You deserve it.

Peace be with you,
from Vivian and Skye Mama.

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